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What is a Real ID?

In 2005, Congress passed the Real ID Act to set standards for the issuance of identification sources such as driver’s licenses. On October 1, 2021, all Americans will need identification materials that are Real ID-compliant to go through airport security and secure federal building. Reach out to wegoforyoullc if you need assistance in getting a Real ID.

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DMV Office Locations & Resources

When you’re ready for a visit to the DMV, locate the nearest branch using our handy office finder tool. But before getting on the road in your new home town, make sure you are aware of all the road rules by reading the DMV’s driving manuals.

How To Apply for A Nevada Driver’s License

In order to get a driver’s license in the state of Nevada, you must apply at the DMV office in person to prove your identity and residential address. You will also need to pass the following exams:

Vision Exam
Driving Test (For those who have not been licensed before)


All transactions requires all of the following:

• Nevada Evidence of Insurance card with matching registered owners name. VIN and vehicle description.

Nevada smog (if applicable)

• Plates, if transferring from another vehicle

• DMV form VP222 if processing a transaction for someone else.

• Residential and mailing address of all registered owners.

• Vehicle registration : additional documents by type of purchase.

• Dealers report of sale (Green form)


• Private Party Sales


• VIN inspection for out-of-state vehicles

• Title property endorsed and Bill(s) of Sale for multiple ownership transfers or Security Agreement from lien holder.

• Out-of-state Dealer Sales require all of the following :Purchase Agreement and Title properly endorsed (if applicable) and Bill(s) of Sale for multiple ownership transfers and VIN inspection.

• Out-of-state vehicle with no change in ownership require all the following :
Documents listed above under All Transactions
Current out-of-state registration
Out-of-state plates(remove and bring in)
VIN inspection

Organ Donation & Voting in Nevada

When you get a driver’s license or ID card in the Nevada DMV, you’ll be eligible to register as an organ donor and to vote in the state. If you already have these registrations in your previous state, you will have to register again in Nevada. However, you still have the option to sign up at a later time if you have not decided yet.

For more information regarding organ donation and voting, visit the pages below: